Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd live in concert at Eulachhallen Winterthur (photo by professional rock photographer Katrin Bretscher from Zurich, Switzerland)

Lynyrd Skynyrd live in Winterthur, Switzerland

Sweet Home Alabama ← lame way to start this post, so I’ll start differently: Ready to rock, I made my way to Winterthur (which is a 30 mins train ride and a 15 mins walk through the pouring rain from my place). Eulachhalle is where they usually play Handball, which explains the rolled-up net above the stage that wasn’t used during the whole show (tadaa, sometimes, my brain does have its bright moments).

Lynyrd Skynyrd live in Winterthur, Switzerland - concert photo by professional rock photographer Katrin Bretscher

Southern Rock at Eulachhalle Winterthur, Switzerland with Lynyrd Skynyrd

Also, my brain is still debating whether to like the location or not. The walking through the rain didn’t help, though I’d have been soaked even if the gig had been 5 mins from my house. Having the gig *in* my house would have been the only acceptable solution, minus all the beer that tends to find its way onto the floor. Probably also my neighbours would have been intimidated by the vast amount of bikers – despite the variety of patches from MCs from just about anybody from the Hells’ Angels to the Broncos (or so it seemed), the mood was happy and positive.

Live Southern Rock with Lynyrd Skynyrd in Winterthur, Switzerland. Photo by professional rock photographer Katrin Bretscher

Lynyrd Skynyrd live at Eulachhallen Winterthur, Switzerland

Less positive was the entrance – a loooong line (of smoking and drinking bikers, and have I mentioned that it was raining?) where you had to queue even to only get to the box office. At least the box office is inside, so once there, I had the chance of getting rid of some humidity (in a closed room, where everybody else is soaking wet too – yeah, that’s not gonna happen ;-) . My cameras (weather sealed FTW!) didn’t complain a second though. Maybe something I could learn from them (the not complaining, I guess the weather sealing would take a little longer :-P ).

Lynyrd Skynyrd - live Southern Rock on stage at Eulachhalle Winterthur, Switzerland. Photo by professional music photographer Katrin Bretscher from Zurich, Switzerland

Southern Rock with Lynyrd Skynyrd live at Eulachhalle Winterthur, Switzerland

It being a sports arena (well, “arena”, rather a big-sized gymnasium), it’s got white painted walls, a floor for which I feel sorry (all the beer and the weight of the stage don’t seem to damage it somehow – I hope), easily accessible bathrooms and wardrobe, and said net behind the goal which was rolled up above the stage. It’s not as narrow as some of the other places, which gives everybody a good view onto the stage and avoids crammyness among the audience. Despite it being a wide space, the light’s usually ok (I guess the white walls help there, even if it doesn’t look all that rock’n’roll when the house lights are on), and the beer easily accessible. So once they get that thing with the rain fixed, I’ll say I like the place :)

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