AntiFlag opening for Billy Talent in Winterthur, Switzerland, photographed by professional music photographer Katrin Bretscher

AntiFlag opening for BillyTalent in Winterthur, Switzerland

It’s nice to know we live in a free world, where nobody (well nobody who has a say in the making of laws) really cares if you hang your country’s flag upside down and declare that both that is your logo and that by the way, you’re against the flag. I’m not for a flag or against a flag, I’m just saying in countries where you get thrown into jail for saying things against your government like Pussy Riot did, hanging the flag upside down probably wouldn’t buy you any friends either.

AntiFlag live in concert - Winterthur, Switzerland. Photo by professional rock photographer Katrin Bretscher from Zurich, Switzerland

AntiFlag live at Eishalle Deutweg, Winterthur, Switzerland

Notoriously pacifist (and vegan-cookie-cooking) band AntiFlag, whose logo consists of a couple of AK-47s forming a star and whose backdrop was an upside-down American flag, opened the show for Billy Talent. If it weren’t for the vegan cookies you can cook with them at meet-and-greets, I’d think they’re being sarcastic. A pacifist who has AK-47s in their logo? Well the audience seemed to like it. I hadn’t know that they make studded belts for 12-year-olds, now I do ;-)
AntiFlag's Chris #2 live in concert; photographed by professional music photographer Katrin Bretscher of Zurich, Switzerland

Chris #2 of AntiFlag live at Eishalle Deutweg, Winterthur, Switzerland

The sound wasn’t too bad, though it seemed their bass player, Chris #2, had some problems with his instrument and was at times limited to shouting into the mike. I noticed when I half leaned onto his monitor to get a shot, then he got his instrument back and started to play. Once again, I was glad for my earplugs…
AntiFlag's mainman Justin Sane live on stage at Eishalle Deutweg, Winterthur, Switzerland (concert photo by professional music photographer Katrin Bretscher)

AntiFlag mainman Justin Sane live at Eishalle Deutweg, Winterthur

Up next: The show’s headliners, Billy Talent!

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