Privacy Policy

Who’s Responsible Here?

My name is Katrin Bretscher. My address is Stiglenstrasse 44, 8052 Zürich. You can reach me on I own this website and have created all the content on it. If you haven’t noticed yet, this website’s URL is


All texts and photos on this website are my Copyright. You may not use them in any form. Not on social media, not on your own website, not in your magazine, not to print it and hang above your bed, just not at all. Except if you have a piece of paper that I signed that explicitly says you may.

Data Protection and Privacy

Jesus. It’s the internet. Your browser sends some data to my website, just like your phone sends my phone some data so I can see who’s calling. Apparently we now need to write lenghty stuff on our websites to tell you that again. So here we go.

What Kind of Data Are We Talking?

I have given my best to disable any comments, forms, or other ways in which you may send me more info than you think you are. At the moment, there’s no official way of posting a comment. There’s only an automated way, which is mostly used by spammers and bots. I delete the data they send to me. So I don’t know your name, and you don’t have a way of uploading text, photos, or videos.

The only data I really have is what your browser automatically sends to me. Such as the time you requested to see this site, what browser you’re using, if you’re on a mobile phone, and your IP address. It’s possible that this website stores cookies on your computer. If you don’t like that, please adjust your browser’s settings accordingly. Note that some functions of this website may not work as expected if you block cookies from this website.

Man, The Internet 101, right?

And yeah, there are some Social Media profiles I have. I probably have some that I don’t even still know I got them. So if you’re on a Social Media platform such as Facebook and you “like” or “follow” or interact in some other way with my profiles there, then you should be aware that those platforms might collect data about you. They probably make you click through a statement like this one to cover their asses. So you consent to whatever data they collect by using their platform. D’uh.

In the same way, if you send an e-mail, I have that data you and your e-mail program send to me. Which is kind of the point, I think. I might save that data to have it on hand if you should contact me later on (or if I want to contact you later on). I store my e-mail on a server I don’t personally operate (ok, I use Gmail). So your data may end up on someone else’s server. As I said before: D’uh, it’s the Internet, right? *sigh*


I was granted permission to take all the photos on this website. I don’t take photos when I’m not allowed to, and I don’t post photos if I’m not allowed to. If you think that your likeness is posted on my website without your consent, please contact your management or me. Note that by law, the copyright to all photos is mine, even if they got your face on them. You may not use them, even if it’s you on them. It’s called copyright. You’re welcome.

Analytics and Other 3rd Parties

I have Google Analytics running on this page, though I don’t know why really – I hardly ever look at it. However, you may be interested in how they deal with that data. You can read up on that here. If you don’t want Google Analytics to track you, stay out of the Internet, use an anonymous browser session and disallow cookies.

Also, my hosting provider (as any hosting provider) logs the usage of this website. This may include your personal data, such as your IP address. Logging this may be needed to prevent evil people from abusing their services (e.g. if they start spamming my website, they need the IP to lock the evil people out. If they don’t have the IP, they couldn’t do that).

As I mentioned above, I do use an e-mail server operated by Google. If you don’t want your precious e-mail data to end up there, don’t write me an e-mail.

Security Measures

Of course I don’t want any data stolen. So I’m trying my best to keep the data you do send me safe. And I don’t pass it on either.

Your Rights

I shouldn’t have to mention this, because the law already does, but apparently I still do. Are you really still reading? All right. You may at any time ask what data I have stored about you. You may ask me to correct or delete it at any time.

You also have the right to switch on your brain before using the Internet. Though there’s no law that says you have to do that. I personally believe there should be a law that says so. The stupid stuff like this page wouldn’t have to exist, because nobody reads them anyway. But I digress.

You can contact me to get information an what data I have stored about you at any time. If you have read the above, you’ll know that it’s going to be very little, if any. However, you have the right to ask me to correct or erase that data at any point.

So, now, back to cat GIFs, ok?